Amancio Ortega is the founder of the Zara fashion stores. Zara is the leading brand of Inditex, the largest clothing and Fashion Company of the world. Amancio Ortega started the first store of Zara in Spain. The tremendous success of Zara is dependent on its flexibility and creativity. The philosophy of Zara was to introduce many different kinds of fashion to the market as soon as possible. The mastermind behind Zara was Amancio Ortega. Here are some lessons that we can learn from him:

1.      Amancio Ortega believed that plenty of ideas are needed from different places for achieving success. Zara delivers about 18.000 new designs of products every year. Therefore, Ortega derives ideas from magazines, books, blogs and twitter. He also focuses largely on taking feedback from the customers. Through this continuous process, Ortega accumulates ideas so that Zara can deliver some wonderful products.

2.      Amancio Ortega believed that it is essential to move swiftly from design to market. According to his policy, Zara takes only four weeks to get displayed in the shop shelf. Moreover, the products of Zara are global which contributes largely to its success.

3.      Amancio Ortega believed that innovation is needed in every aspect of the business and not only products. Therefore, he used creative approaches to inventory management, supply chain management, store layout, staff operations and data tracking. This played a major role in his success.

4.      Amancio Ortega believed that ideas and designs should be tested quickly. The designers of Zara figure out how the products would look in the retail shops with different lighting and display options.

5.      Amancio Ortega believed that the success of a company depends largely on the feedback of the customers. Therefore, he encouraged in taking speedy feedback. Along with speedy feedback, he encouraged the fast flow of information. The staff members of Zara use various wireless communications to pass on information to the headquarter about inventories and sales. The speedy information about what is not selling enables Ortega to understand how to cater to the demands of the public. The staff members of Zara encourage every customer to give their valuable feedback, which helps in improving the products further.

6.      Amancio Ortega believed that hierarchical management structure hinders the decision-making process of an organization. Therefore, he gave Zara a flat structure where the fashion designers can easily take the integral decisions without any problem. This has helped Zara to deliver wonderful and innovative products every year.

These 6 beliefs of Amancio Ortega are responsible for the rising popularity of Zara. Anyone who wants to take their company to a great level through innovation must follow the footsteps of Amancio Ortega. 



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