Jeff Bezos was born in Mexico on 12th January, 1964. His parents got divorced when Jeff was only one year old. When Jeff was at the peak of his career, he dared to quit a six-figure job to start Within 20 years, gave a brand new meaning to the term called “online shopping”. He is considered as the best CEO in the world after Steve Jobs. The life of Jeff Bezos is extremely inspiring and so we can follow some of his life lessons to achieve success in our lives. Here are the top 5 life lessons that we can learn from Jeff Bezos:

1.      The first life lesson that we get to learn is that truth is mostly hidden and we need to uncover it. The things that look clear are often superficial. Jeff Bezos has said that in order to get to the bottom of the matter, we should have a data-centric approach. When we keep on asking “Why”, we ultimately find the real problem. So, it is essential to look beyond the noticeable before making any conclusions.

2.      The second life lesson that we get to learn is that in order to be a successful businessman, we must hire people who are smarter and more intelligent than us. Jeff Bezos said that when we hire people who are not smart, the performance of the company would naturally go downwards.

3.      The third lesson that we get to learn is that stubbornness and flexibility go hand in hand. Jeff Bezos said that both these things are needed to be successful. When we are stubborn, we do not give up on our goals. When we are flexible, we get to see the problem through a new perspective.

4.      The fourth life lesson that we get to learn is that we must be truthful. We must have the guts of calling a spade a spade. Jeff Bezos tells us to follow the principle of being direct and to not encourage or believe in sugar coating.

5.      The fifth life lesson that we get to learn is that we must always strive for more and should never be content. Jeff Bezos is known for experimenting something new always. He doesn’t rely on his past achievements and belief that innovation has no full stop.

These 5 life lessons are simple to understand but difficult to follow. If we are capable of following these 5 life lessons of Jeff Bezos, we would surely be able to make a huge difference in our lives.