Michael Bloomberg is the Wall Street data pioneer and ex-NYC mayor. Many helpful entrepreneurial lessons can be learnt from Michael Bloomberg, especially from his book “Bloomberg by Bloomberg”. Here’s looking at some of the lessons that we can learn from him.

1.      Michael Bloomberg believed that the doers are the people who achieve the most in life. They are the people who are hungry most of the times yet their ambition can be seen clearly in their eyes. They do not have any prejudices of social caste and can work as hard as possible.

2.      Michael Bloomberg said that life provides us many opportunities at the most unexpected moments. The person who can seize the right opportunities can go to the top within a short span of time. The formula of success is stringing together the several opportunities to make rapid advances towards our goals.

3.      Michael Bloomberg believed that interpersonal communication skills are needed for the survival of human beings. Technology can never replace the real relations. In order to be successful in life, it is very important to nurture the people-to-people relations more than running after money. When there is harmony in our life, it would help us to work better and hence, we can gain more success.

4.      Michael Bloomberg said that only three things differentiate winners from losers. They are how cleverly a person has invested his time, his interpersonal skills and luck.

5.      Michael Bloomberg believed that enormous financial success comes when a person starts his business with concrete products, builds great jobs, creates value and helps people around him.

6.      Michael Bloomberg said that he thought like a salesman to make his business successful. At first, he presented all the products that he had and then he highlighted the facts that made the customers feel that they were getting a really good deal.

7.      Michael Bloomberg said that in order to be successful, it is integral to have a great vision. The vision should be practical, affordable and must have the capacity to fulfill the needs of the customer. After a great crystal clear vision, creativity is needed for the long-term success of a business.

8.      Michael Bloomberg believed that planning is the first and the most important step towards success. With a great detailed plan, half the work is already done. With proper execution, success is sure to greet us.

These 8 entrepreneurial and life lessons that we get from Michael Bloomberg can help us a lot in achieving success in our lives.