The founder of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired Eric Schmidt as the CEO. The three of them constitute a successful team and is responsible for the success of Google. Here’s looking at the way the three of them were capable of rewriting the definition of success.

1.      Eric Schmidt was well aware that the earlier CEOs that were hired by Sergey Bin and Larry Page did not persist in the company for a long time. There were heated disagreements after which either the board backed them or they left the company themselves. Eric Schmidt did not want such a scene to happen again. So he took the decision that he would allow the founders of Google to do their work and he would concentrate on his own work.

2.      Eric Schmidt focused on building the company at a fast pace so that it operates efficiently and effectively. Larry Page and Sergey Brin on the other hand, focused on the other important stuffs. They respected each other’s work and never interfered without any valid reason. This is the primary reason behind this successful team.

3.      The successful trio codified and divided the several works among them. This eased their work pressure and at the same time strengthened their unity. According to their work division, Eric managed the sales organization and vice presidents. Sergey focused on business deals and engineering. Larry focused on product management and engineering. This work division helped the company to prosper more.

4.      The work division between the three individuals worked successfully only because they had tremendous amount of respect and trust for each other. Another think that helped the company to prosper was that the wavelength of Eric, Sergey and Larry matched incredibly. They thought in the same way and there were very few disagreements between them.

5.      When there are three powerful leaders, clashes between thoughts can occur. Sometimes rarely when disagreements occurred between the three of them, they handled it quite well. During such situations, Eric identified the issue and set a deadline. Despite being the CEO, Eric knew when he should make a decision and when he should let the founders make a decision. This skill of Eric resulted in the formation of this successful trio and also helped the company to prosper hugely. He always managed to keep his ego in check.

It is not easy to work in a team and that too when all the members of a team are powerful and intelligent. These 5 lessons show us how it is possible to work in a team and be still successful.